Amabie x Aphrodite

Watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic on paper

26 x 18 cm


Amabie x Aphrodite


“When a pandemic devastates the country, draw an image of me and show it to as many people as possible.”

Amabie is Japanese yokai (monster-spirit) who mysteriously appeared from the sea water and  instructed people to share the image of it to stave off the disease.

Amabie was first documented by a government official in Japan in 1846.

I made this drawing so that people can 'share' this image.

You can download the image, only for the personal use against the pandemic!

Moving Hands Workshop

The series of tutorial videos introduce monsters, "yokai", and fairies based on the folklore of different countries.

Follow easy steps to create unique drawings and objects!

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