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Copy / Paste

26 November - 31 December 2022

The latest works on paper with the theme "Copy / Paste" will be exhibited in the group exhibition at galerie with tsjalling, Groningen, the Netherlands.

All art works are based on the existing art works by other artists.

Petra To Romiu Oki Namiura

(The Great Wave Off Petra Tou Romiou)

Mixed media on paper



12 -22 November 2022

A new series of 24 hand-painted linocut, based on "Amabie x Aphrodite" (2020)

will be shown in this group exhibition.

Palia Elektriki, The Old Powerhouse

Paphos, Cyprus

Amabie x Aphrodite

Hand-painted linocut on paper

(Numbered 1-24)

15x10 cm


Latest works

Amabie x Aphrodite

Watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic on paper

26 x 18 cm


Amabie x Aphrodite


“When a pandemic devastates the country, draw an image of me and show it to as many people as possible.”

Amabie is Japanese yokai (monster-spirit) who mysteriously appeared from the sea water and  instructed people to share the image of it to stave off the disease.

Amabie was first documented by a government official in Japan in 1846.

I made this drawing so that people can 'share' this image.

You can download the image, only for the personal use against the pandemic!

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