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House Cyprus

Limassol Municipal Art Centre

Apothikes Papadaki

Limassol, Cyprus

12 October - 11 November 2023

A group exhibition exploreing the themes around "House".

Participating artists:

Chiaki Kamikawa / B.C. Epker / Tatiana Ferahian / Marianna Constanti /

Witte Wartena / Janne Räisänen / 

Tarmo Paunu / Heli Ryhänen/ Christina Papakyriakou

Dream Home For Sale (Chloraka)

Mixed media on paper



Swaray's Home

Watercolour, gouache and acrylic ink on paper

56x76 cm


Larnaca Biennale

Municipal Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

11 October - 24 November 2023

Chiaki Kamikawa is selected to participate in the 3rd edition of Larnaca Biennale with the theme "Home Away From Home" curated by Yev Kravt


Amabie x Aphrodite

Watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic on paper

26 x 18 cm


Latest works

Amabie x Aphrodite


“When a pandemic devastates the country, draw an image of me and show it to as many people as possible.”

Amabie is Japanese yokai (monster-spirit) who mysteriously appeared from the sea water and  instructed people to share the image of it to stave off the disease.

Amabie was first documented by a government official in Japan in 1846.

I made this drawing so that people can 'share' this image.

You can download the image, only for the personal use against the pandemic!

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