Past Exhibitions

Nikos Kouroussis (Week 1)

(video still)

Stories in Screen

Video installations

Week 1: 8 - 15 February 2013

Lia Lapithi "Kypros-Cyprus-Kibris 17c"/
Nikos Kouroussis "Catharsis"-from the Protagonists

Week 2: 22 February - 1 March 2013

Yiannos Economou "Dancing Landscapes"

Week Three: 8 -15 March 2013

Sylvia Nicolaides / Nicolas Iordanou "About Us"

Chiaki Kamikawa Contemporary Art Gallery presents a series of video work presentations entitled “Stories in Screen” in three separate weeks. Each artist presents their works for a week.

Week One presents works by Lia Lapithi and Nikos Kouroussis. Lia Lapithi presents the video work “Kypros-Cyprus-Kibris 17c”. In this video, the artist is holding a piece of lemon and trying to erase the photograph of the postal stamp from a newspaper which represents the “Ship of Kerynia” – a symbolic act of the artist who tries to erase a beautiful memory of her favourite town of childhood “Kerynia” from her mind. Nikos Kouroussis presents a video installation “Catharsis” which shows a ceremonial act with the theme that is to be placed within the cycle of his latest conceptual works with the general title “The Protagonists”. “The Protagonists” are composed of an encounter of art with the history and people which form or influence the contemporary Cypriot reality.

Week Two presents a latest video work by Yiannos Economou, “Dancing Landscapes.” The title is borrowed from the complex system analysis which suggests that nothing is constant, everything is in a flux and interconnected. It also suggests that any attempt to predict a value at a future point will need take into account shifts in all other values in the meantime. In this video, the artist explores his immediate environment in Cyprus which ranges from people, everyday activities and modest objects to extravagant landscapes and natural phenomena. Each shot is shown with the texts that describe political, economic and social events of the world which took place on each day of the shooting. By using the poetic assemblage of everyday images, the artist aims to avoid a representational mode while staying connected with the world by means of the mimetic powers of the camera and microphone.

Week Three presents a work by the duo Sylvia Nicholaides and Nicholas Iordanou, “About Us”. In the video, the artist drives a car in the cityscape, and the viewer soon realises that the act is a mere repetition as she goes around the same round-about. As this symbolic loop action continues, we hear the monologue that describes daily routine and our collective thoughts in the modern society with the words such as “Purpose, goal and achievement.” The work reflects the reality of our everyday life in which many things are repetitive, unproductive and meaningless, at the same time it implies the issues of the society that burden us. The artists describe the work that “it is about us, our struggles, our fears and the need to break free.”

Lia Lapithi (Week 1)

"Kypros-Cyprus-Kibris 17c"
(video still)

Yiannos Economou (Week 2)

"Dancing Landscapes"(video still)

Sylvia Nicolaides /
Nicolas Iordanou (Week 3)

"About Us"(video still)